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Destination: Catalonia

Flavors of the Spanish CoastGuest Feedback

What Guests Are Saying...

As advertised, we got the "Flavors" of the area, from food, wine, culture, history and architecture. We ended the trip feeling that we understood a bit about the region—not just that we had visited some sites.

–Keith T., San Carlos, CA

Having been to many other areas of Spain, this program was a wonderful introduction to the Spanish Coast region—its culture, food, and wine. As a lover of history and art, I enjoyed all things Dali as well as the historical sites.

–Riki W., Houston, TX

Flavors of Catalonia was exactly what I was looking for: an overview of the Catalonia countryside with its history, culture, quaint villages, and Romanesque architecture with wonderful food and wine as an added bonus. Housing us in a beautiful 17th-century farmhouse-turned-boutique hotel was an especially inspired choice. It had a 17th-century look and feel—but with all the modern luxury amenities. The bells on the village church tolled every 15 minutes and if you closed your eyes it was briefly possible to imagine yourself in ages past.

–Susan N., Plymouth, MI

The food, and choice of restaurants, was the best of any alumni program I have participated in over the last 19 years. Kudos to Orbridge! The ambiance was great--the wine flowed, and a Michelin-starred restaurant was the highlight of the trip.

–Rosalind R., Arlington, VA

Very good balance of planned and free time.

Excursions were fun and informative. Local guides augmented the experience and were great.

Food and wine were wonderful — interesting, well prepared, plentiful and representative of Catalonia.

Our guide was the BEST: always available, informative, inviting quandary fun.

–Harriet B., Moorestown, NJ

All was a new adventure for me so did not know what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised. I am likely to consider Orbridge again. Our Travel Director was a highlight indeed! Thank you, Orbridge!!

–Sherry H., Pensacola, FL

We loved the area.

Our Travel Director was absolutely marvelous! We can only say very, very positive things about her. We have traveled extensively around the world, and she is at the top of our list. She combined extensive knowledge and high energy with a wonderful friendly personality and sense of humor. Every member of our group thought she was fantastic.

–Roger & JoAnn G., New York, NY

Part of the joy of this trip was our main Travel Director. She made everything run smoothly and was so knowledgeable.

I will probably never eat such good food again or drink such good wines.

All excursions were spectacular!

Your group seems to have it all under control. I will be saving my pennies so I can enjoy another trip under your care.

–Betsy K., New York, NY

The local guide for Girona and Gala's castle was really really good. All things experiential are a plus for me: flamenco lessons, cooking demonstrations, etc.

Our Travel Director was a star! She exhibited a broad and deep knowledge of the culture, history, and interesting facts. Her attention to the comfort and well-being of each passenger was easy to see. Her joy and enthusiasm for her work was contagious.

Thank you, Orbridge!

–Sandra F., Evanston, IL

Our Travel Director was without question the finest person in her role that we have ever encountered. Her enthusiasm, love of her subjects, and knowledge were so rewarding to us as she inspired the group to learn more.

La Sagrada Familia is the main reason we took this trip. I do not have the correct combination to encompass my thoughts about La Sagrada Familia. Beautiful, awesome, inspirational, amazing, inspiring, religious, and more are words I would use.

Orbridge is in a class of its own. Everyone involved was exceptional and clearly devoted to providing exceptional customer service. We are so pleased we used Orbridge.

–Jim & Saundra F., Oklahoma City, OK