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As Orbridge welcomes guests on small-group travel experiences, we remain committed to continuing the safe operation of our tours. In order to promote the health and wellness of our guests, staff, and the communities we visit, we have updated our tour participation expectations regarding COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, as of September 1, 2023.

Orbridge Policy Regarding COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination
In order to participate in any Orbridge Tour, guests are strongly encouraged to have either completed two doses of the Pfizer/Moderna COVID vaccine or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine. Guests are also encouraged to remain current with CDC guidelines as they pertain to booster dosages.

Note that destination specific requirements may vary and must be followed by all guests in order to permit entry into the respective states and/or countries. Any destination specific requirements will be shared with guests prior to departure and are always accessible on this page.

Isolation Guidelines and Entry/Exit Requirements for Tour Destinations
Should you receive a positive COVID-19 test while on tour, per CDC guidance you will be expected to isolate for five days in your room/cabin and then upon returning to the tour, wear a face covering for five days. If you are sharing your room/cabin with a companion, your companion will need to have a negative COVID-19 test to continue participating in Orbridge programming and is encouraged to wear a face covering while participating in programming. Should your companion not test or receive a positive test, they will be expected to follow the isolation and masking guidelines above.

Many countries have entry requirements for visitors related to health and safety. In order to ensure that all guests are in compliance with all applicable requirements, Orbridge will include any entry destination-specific requirements for their tour in the Program Documents sent approximately 5-6 months prior to departure, and in the Final Documents sent approximately 21 days prior to departure. Pay particular attention to all destination-specific requirements, as they may stipulate other requirements be met in order to gain entry into the country/destination. Conditions and requirements are subject to change and may change without notice due to factors including, but not limited to, border entry conditions, health orders, and regional health advice.

Under current CDC guidelines, travelers entering or returning to the U.S. (including U.S. citizens returning from abroad) are not required to get a viral COVID-19 test before their return to the U.S.

The health and well-being of our travelers, our team, and the communities we visit remain our top priority. The information below outlines the actions we are taking for you. Refer to the official U.S. State Department website and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website for the most current and accurate information related to travel.

Our Expedition Leaders and Travel Directors have been trained to implement enhanced precautions aimed at helping our guests travel in comfort and with peace of mind. Our team will work to create a safe and enjoyable experience and should the unlikely happen, is prepared to respond and assist guests while on tour. In addition, our team on the ground is in contact with Orbridge headquarters 24/7 while guests are on tour.

What You Can Do
We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide guests with memorable, enriching, and educational experiences around the globe. There are small steps you can take to help ensure the well-being of yourself and fellow travelers:

• To ensure your peace of mind and to protect your investment, especially in the event that you experience any travel interruptions, we encourage you to purchase travel insurance that meets your needs. Our Guest Services team or your organization can provide further details.

• If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling ill, remain at home.

• You are encouraged to pack a mask or face covering from home should you begin to feel ill while on tour.

• Before your departure, you will receive the latest information and guidelines concerning the protocols required at each destination.

Guests are strongly encouraged to review their travel insurance policy provisions as it relates to COVID-19. If your insurance provider requires a positive molecular test result to receive benefits related to COVID-19, we cannot guarantee that a molecular test will be readily available while on tour. Molecular tests are also known as nucleic acid amplification tests, and include PCR, LAMP, and CRISPR. For more information about different types of COVID-19 tests, visit the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Tour staff will work to assist guests in finding a nearby testing center and/or retail outlet that sells COVID-19 tests in the event a guest wishes to test for COVID-19 while on tour.

Acknowledgement of Responsibility
All group travel includes an element of risk and responsibility. By voluntarily participating on an Orbridge tour, you agree to the Terms & Conditions that indicate you assume responsibility for your own health, safety, and welfare; acknowledge that Orbridge cannot absolutely guarantee your safety or health; and that you release Orbridge from and assume all risk. Orbridge may, in its sole discretion and at the participant’s sole expense, remove any guest from the program, or restrict the program-related activities of any individual whose physical or mental condition may or is likely to cause a hazard to himself/herself or others, or otherwise impair the enjoyment of other program participants.

Orbridge will adhere to current guidelines and protocols in place at time of travel to promote health and wellness while on tour. However, COVID-19 is a contagious virus that is spread primarily from person to person. By participating on the tour, you are aware that you will be exposed to others during your travel journey and while on tour. Should you develop symptoms while on tour, you are asked to self-report those symptoms to your on-site tour staff and arrangements will be made available for COVID-19 testing should you wish. While every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the health of tour participants, COVID-19 may not produce symptoms during the tour but may present after the tour. Orbridge will observe applicable local, state and tourism industry recommendations including but not limited to requiring, at the sole expense of the participant, the quarantine of any individual who presents symptoms of or tests positive for COVID-19 while on tour.