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Destination: Antarctica

Antarctica DiscoveryGuest Feedback

What Guests Are Saying...

The ship was amazing. Just the right size for the expeditions and large enough to be comfortable. The crew on the ship was wonderful—room staff, hotel staff, and expedition guides were all great. 

–Alan R., Towson, MD

We've done a lot of international traveling and, overall, I rate this as one of, if not the best, trips of my life! 

–Art B., Tucson, AZ

We felt that Orbridge went above and beyond our expectations. I was impressed with the concern of the staff for our safety at all times. I was also impressed that everyone seemed so interested and concerned that we have the best experience possible in all ways. The lectures were a wonderful addition--it allowed for meeting other people, as well as educating us on the continent, wildlife, and many other aspects of Antarctica.

Thanks again for a wonderful trip of a lifetime. This has been my favorite, most beautiful, and enjoyable trip so far!

–Sarah & Frank L., Norwood, NC

We were totally awed by the quality of the Orbridge staff and the logistical excellence of the arrangements.

The expedition staff, as well as the guest lecturers, were wonderful additions to our experience. Every lecture provided a great enhancement of our overall experience. And the professionalism of the expedition team was superb. They knew their jobs perfectly, with an emphasis on safety. And their naturalist knowledge was also very impressive. They clearly loved sharing their info with the group, both formally and informally.

–Barbara W., Oak Park, IL

One of our best trips ever. The tour operators made the trip most enjoyable and the weather and wildlife cooperated giving us a tremendous experience.

–John L., Lincoln, NE

The trip to the Antarctic was the most amazing and spiritual trip I have ever been on. And I have been traveling internationally since I was 16 years old—so that makes it 60 years of traveling internationally. I plan to go back and I hope to be with you all again... 

–Barbara K., Houston, TX

A unique experience, excellent organization and program. The speakers were knowledgeable and excited about Antarctica. We learned a lot. The visits were totally safe and perfectly timed.

–Dimitrios K. & Sylvie J., New York, NY