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Wally Daudrich: a very modern pioneer

We’ve all learned about the pioneers from the 1800s who built North America with their strength and skill, crafting log homes from the forest—making everything they needed by hand— and growing family businesses that made their country strong. In Churchill, Manitoba, such a man still exists; his name is Wally Daudrich.

A log builder by trade, Wally built the Lazy Bear Lodge himself, literally. Drawn to the area by its sense of freedom, he and a partner dragged logs from the forest by snowmobile, designing them into first a small café, then a small lodge, and finally the two-story 15,000-square-foot modern Lazy Bear Lodge of today. Admire the gnarled and knotted log timbers from the northern Boreal forest used to make both the lodge and the furniture; experience the warm hospitality of Wally and his staff; and dine on fabulous northern cuisine—all in the stunning property he has built. It's the perfect combination of remote northern living with all the comfort and conveniences travelers want.

And if that was not enough to keep him busy, Wally also provides guided treks by both land and sea to observe the polar bears and beluga whales (plus a vast multitude of other wildlife) during the brief arctic summer when the ice melts. His “Arctic Crawlers”, and his WWII-era landing craft, the Sam Hearne, all help visitors view, and in some cases interact, with the diverse array of wildlife the area supports. His polar bear viewing in fall is equally popular; he estimates he has helped more than 20,000 people see their first polar bear during his 35 years of guiding.

Come north and experience Churchill for yourself or as Wally says “Up North and Personal.”

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