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Easy Steps to Starting a Travel Journal

One of the best ways to plan, enjoy and remember your travel adventures is by keeping a travel journal.

Travel journals can be a simple, yet personal and emotional way to commemorate the places you visit, the people you meet, and experiences that shape your lifelong travel memories.

If you have never journaled before, starting out can seem a little daunting, but here are some ideas to get you motivated.

Journaling can be done electronically or with good old-fashioned paper and pen. There are even apps (of course) and websites designed to help you get started.

However, this may be one area where old school is best—there is nothing like a small, easy-to-pack notebook to help promote creativity while keeping things simple, not to mention you won’t have to worry about Wi-Fi or electricity concerns.

Select a stylish notebook or Moleskine—lined, or unlined, whatever you think will work best for the way you prefer to write.

Next, jot down the ideas and inspiration that helped you to plan your upcoming trip: the places you want to see, the experiences you want to have, and even some things you may worry about.

While traveling, find moments to write down notes and passages of your experiences. Quiet time on a bus, train or plane is perfect to reflect and write. Ask yourself a few questions:

What is your favorite memory from today?
Did you meet anyone special who made an impact?
Did you experience something surprising?
Does the destination meet your expectations?

Don’t feel the need to write down everything you did that day, simply focus on the experiences that made the biggest impression and impact on you.

Keep it easy. The goal is to write from the heart as ideas flow.

Add some media to your journal—ticket stubs, receipts, maps, photos or even postcards—anything that can help you document the events and people you encountered during your trip. Draw pictures, add comments, anything to help make it personal for you.

Some great links to help get you started:

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