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Travel Insurance: why you really do need it

An elderly woman falls in the airport while traveling to her dream trip in China, breaking her hip.
A man bitten by a spider in Africa develops a life-threatening infection.
A young couple must return home early from their trip to Europe when one of their children falls gravely ill.
An ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland makes air travel impossible and strands travelers all over the world.
A lost bag means a couple has no appropriate clothes for their safari to Southern Africa.
A blizzard on the East Coast delays travelers traveling to a large ship cruise departing from Europe.

All of these things can, and have, happened.
Injuries and accidents, illness and delays happen every day. And chances are, the airlines and tour operators cannot help you. While most companies will do what they can in the name of good customer service, it is up to the traveler to be prepared for when things can (and do) go wrong.

Travel Insurance is offered by many reputable companies, and at many different levels of coverage, from very basic to very comprehensive. Your age, health, trip cost and the state you reside in all factor into the products and pricing you can be offered.
Some things to remember:
1. Your American health insurance does not provide coverage outside the U.S. (with very few exceptions). This includes Medicare and many military retiree insurances.
2. Many foreign hospitals require payment upfront, or immediately upon services rendered. Lack of funds can delay or prevent timely treatment or relocation to a proper health facility.
3. Strikes, security threats and weather events that occur where you live, the cities you will travel thru and at your destination(s) can all affect your trip.

Traveler insurance offers many types of protection and should be considered an essential part of your next trip.

Travel insurance can provide coverage for many things—including trip delay, trip interruption, trip cancellation, medical coverage for injury, illness and evacuation, lost luggage, and much more. Additionally, many policies offer a cancel-for-any-reason option, and many offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, when certain purchase requirements are met.

There are many reputable companies offering travel insurance. Many tour operators and affinity groups (alumni associations, membership organizations and others) also have partnerships with companies they recommend.
To make sure you have the most options and can purchase the best coverage for you:
—Get information as soon as you make your deposit—some coverage must be purchased within 10-15 business days of your booking.
Read the entire brochure or literature. Some coverages are very specific and all conditions must be met for it to be in force.
—Find out how to add additional items to your policy, like air or additional hotel nights, so that your entire trip cost is covered.

If you need to learn more, we recommend a site that can help