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Get to Know Your Travel Director

When joining a group travel program, you’ll most likely enjoy the company of a highly-experienced travel director (or expedition leader, depending on the variety of the program). This person is an integral and valuable part of any group travel adventure, bringing tremendous resources and knowledge to enhance your experience with the program.

Travel directors are accomplished, often licensed, professionals skilled at both the logistics of the program and the complex feat of moving a group of travelers smoothly through an itinerary rich with activities at a comfortable pace for all involved. They are veteran travelers and expert guides—often speaking several languages—with local knowledge of the places you will visit and the people and wildlife you may encounter, while providing a personalized and meaningful experience during your journey.

Using their vast knowledge, travel directors may offer lectures on pertinent topics throughout your program, and will aim to answer travelers’ questions of all varieties. They will also act as coordinator with any local experts or specialist guides who join the group for a special event or tour, helping travelers get the most from every visit or feature of the itinerary.

Orbridge takes great pride in their staff of travel directors and expedition leaders. Pairing the best leader with each program is just as important as developing an educational, robust, and enriching itinerary for guests.

Travel Directors for our national parks program may be retired park rangers, like Kent Taylor, who leads several of our North American programs, with more than 30 years working and guiding in our country’s national parks.

Tom Haraden, a retired park ranger, biologist and naturalist, with more than 37 years experience in our national parks, leads many of our Discover Southeast Alaska departures, or Lynette Noble, a trained ecologist and wildlife researcher who brings detailed knowledge to our Alaska, Polar Bear, and Wolves programs.

For our various Flavors programs, we choose leaders like Chiara Sanguineti, a multi-linguist who was born in Milano and is a food expert and sommelier.

Travel directors are one of the best features of an escorted program, as they bring the very best combination of local knowledge, logistical skills, friendly leadership, and harmony to any program. Join us on an upcoming travel adventure to see why we rave about our special guides!