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Stunning Landscapes: lodges of the Southwest National Parks

Visiting the U.S. national parks of the southwest can be an awe-inspiring journey, providing travelers the opportunity to behold some of our country’s most spectacular natural beauty.

These parks are also home to a variety of delightful hotels and lodges—many located right alongside dazzling displays of nature.

Lake Powell Resort
Lake Powell attracts more than two million visitors each year. It's the country’s second largest man-made reservoir, with Lake Mead as the first.

The charming lodge set on these shores combines comfortable, locally-themed rooms—many with views of the lake—plus great restaurants and easy access to boating and other outdoor activities.

Gouldings Lodge
Built by Harry Gouldings, who originally settled the area and built a Navajo trading post here, this welcoming historic lodge sits in Monument Valley, where Gouldings enticed John Ford and many of Hollywood’s finest to make some of the country’s greatest western movies.

The present-day lodge combines its wild-west history with modern features, including well-appointed rooms, restaurants, and an enjoyable museum of local history.

Moab Red Cliffs Lodge
Situated against 2,000-foot-high red cliffs, and on the banks of the Colorado River, this beautifully designed, contemporary property—built of wood and stone—provides rooms and suites with a variety of comfortable features such as balconies, fireplaces or high-beamed ceilings.

Enjoy a dramatic sunrise, or walk through the grounds to bird-watch and marvel at the majesty of the surrounding mountains.

Zion Park Lodge
This popular, year-round destination is set among the striking red cliffs and majestic hiking trails of Zion National Park. The property features warm, personalized service and charming rooms with a variety of amenities, and easy access to the lodge’s restaurants and activities such as nature walks, bird watching, and horseback riding.

The Lodges inside Grand Canyon National Park
Located near or on the rim of the Grand Canyon, these properties have some of the best views in the world. Some of them include:

Maswik Lodge
Built in a wooded area near the rim of the Grand Canyon, this lodge features lovely one and two-story buildings of stone and wood with well-equipped rooms and modern amenities.

Thunderbird Lodge
Thunderbird is located at the south rim of the Canyon, in the heart of the Historic District. The lodge’s contemporary style melds beautifully with breathtaking views and the local wildlife that sometimes roams the property.

Kachina Lodge
This lodge is also on the south rim of the Canyon. It provides comfortable rooms with great views, modern conveniences, and a relaxing environment.

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