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Ship Size Matters for Alaska Cruising

Maximize your time and enjoyment in Alaska with Orbridge's small ship capable of accessing remote wilderness and tinier towns of more locals than tourists.

76 Guests:

Cruise where big ships can't to get a feeling of the true Alaska in an intimate, casual atmosphere with like-minded people.

8 Days:

Our itinerary with the Chichagof Dream provides a flexible schedule for wildlife viewing and going ashore for up-close exploration.

"5-Star" Reviews:

We never tire of hearing from satisfied guests! 

"The overwhelming highlights were the beauty and majesty of Alaska. I loved the small size of the group, as well as the ship’s access to Petersburg and the Sawyer glaciers. It was a trip I had wanted to make for several years and it more than met my expectations." —Martha T. 

"... because of Orbridge, we won't ever travel on a large ship again." —Mary F. 

"The majesty of Denali (the mountain), the breaching of whales and the calving of icebergs, breathtaking vistas stretching out forever all mingle with the kindness, professionalism and service of so many wonderful people who made this trip possible. Those three pieces, the whales, the icebergs and the park overlooked by the Denali were my highlights as visual memories go. There was enough down time and free time to explore and learn on our own in between events so I liked the pace a lot. As I think back on the trip, what occurs to me is that I only ever saw the best service and best foot forward from EVERY working member of both the pre-tour and on-water group. Not one overtired, overworked or cranky guy or gal in the entire group. All of that simply made the majesty of the place that much more special." —Chris C. 

Discover more why guests rave about our Alaska program, from the delicious meals, to the small-ship's agility and personable approach, and the exceptional, committed staff.

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Our voyages feature hiking, kayaking, whale watching, wildlife viewing, plus engaging cultural exchange for an in-depth and organic outdoor experience crafted in utility and comfort.