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Travel Podcasts & Blogs

Looking to learn about new places and get inspiration for your next travel adventure? Want to stay abreast of current travel trends and tools?

Two great options for increasing your travel savvy are podcasts and blogs. Each offers a plethora of information and often, first-person insights and experiences from travelers who want to share their adventures and the lessons they've learned.

The authors range from novice young travelers on a budget to experienced professionals who go places many of us would never dream of.

Read, listen or watch, and learn about their experiences (and advice), then decide what's right for you.

Here are a few to get you started:


Amateur Traveler
It has a huge library to choose from—over 600 episodes. Each one is centered around a destination and interviews an expert or someone who has visited recently. They discuss places to visit, things to see, and local cuisine options in an easy-to-understand format.

Extra Pack of Peanuts
A husband and wife duo, they discuss how to travel on a budget, and give great suggestions for traveling with ease. They also have "destination-diary" segments that focus on one city in-depth from first-hand experience. A fun and very personal podcast, it has a great infectious energy that will get you excited about travel.

Indie Travel Podcast
A Kiwi couple quit their jobs 10 years ago and have been traveling ever since. The podcast is about their adventures, with advice and resources for living and working abroad, complete with destination-specific episodes. They describe their experiences in a fun and upbeat way—all with a delightful New Zealand accent.

Flight of Fancy
Hosted by Aussie Ben Groundwater, this podcast offers 30-minutes episodes about various travel topics and favorite places to go. Each episode he interviews travel professionals—getting their recommended destinations, travel tips & tricks, and how to make the most of your traveling experiences. Great easy listening that will draw you in after the first few minutes.

And for a REAL expert...

Travel Today with Peter Greenberg
He has done travel segments for almost every major network, been a keynote speaker at industry conferences, and is a well-respected expert who helps people learn about travel in all its facets. And you’ll love it when he takes the airlines to task and tells Americans to stop hiding under the bed and start traveling again.


Lee Abbamonte
The youngest person to visit EVERY country in the world, along with both the North and South Poles. An inspiration to any potential traveler.

My Places and Faces
Born in Borneo, now based in England, this veteran female traveler believes travel has no age limit. Her adventures and insights are worthy of a look.

American Travel Blogger
Lots of U.S. and international travel destinations are covered, along with tips and tools to make things easier.

Couple’s Coordinates
This cute Southern California couple met and quit their jobs to travel the world. They share their love of travel (and each other) – their wedding video from Bali is adorable.

Legal Nomads
This blog began as an ex-lawyer’s journey across the world and has turned into a resource for others to help plan and budget long-term travel, as well as an in-depth international food guide. it also includes information on traveling with celiac disease and has gluten-free food guides for those who need them.

On the Grid
Not your typical travel blog. They curate neighborhood guides that focus on culture, art, and food—and not the normal tourist attractions. It’s an exploration guide made by and for people who love to see a city in-depth—they are crafted and filled with recommendations so one can experience any city like a local.