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Orbridge Announces Annual Reforestation Initiative

Orbridge is excited to announce a plan, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource (WDNR), to plant 100,000 trees in 2019 throughout the state’s forests and other DNR-owned lands.

As a travel company, we understand and appreciate the environmental impact we have, and we are committed to our global responsibility to help minimize our carbon footprint. This reforestation program is our biggest undertaking to-date towards accomplishing this goal.

Our reforestation program will kick off this spring, with a majority of the trees being planted by summer.

“Wisconsin DNR lands have over 1.5 million acres with reforestation needs across the state. The donation from Orbridge will help meet the reforestation and afforestation needs on Wisconsin’s State Forests and provides a great example of an effective partnership to manage Wisconsin’s State Forest for current and future generations,” said Teague Prichard, WDNR Division of Forestry, State Lands.

Reforestation has been proven to have positive impacts to jumpstarting forest recovery, including halting soil erosion, providing habitat, improving air quality, and helping to mitigate the effects of global climate change.

Orbridge plans to bring similar reforestation programs to other states in the future, as well as grow its evolving sustainability efforts, which include a dedication to recycling and using recycled materials, minimizing printing and other activities that produce materials that may be tossed away, and working with partners that practice similar dedication to minimizing environmental impacts.