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Holiday Gift Ideas

Trying to decide what to put on your wish list this holiday season? Or harder yet, what to get that special traveler on your list?

Finding the perfect gift can be challenging at best—but we've done the research for you (including asking the veteran travelers on our team), and we found some fun, affordable, and useful ideas.

Get Organized
Packing cubes – For extended trips that include overnights in several locations, it’s tough to unpack and repack every day, and staying organized is essential. Why riffle through a full suitcase looking for a pair of clean socks? Use travel cubes to pack by category, for easy locating and efficient packing.

Drawstring makeup case– Keep personal items organized and easy to find, and save space on bathroom countertops.

Toiletry bottles – These perfectly-sized, TSA-compliant containers even come with a suction cup to stick up in the shower!

Adapters and plugs – Stay “current” in any country, and keep your electronics and gadgets charged with ease.

Device travel bags – From protection for laptops and tablets to convenient cord storage, new bags have it all.

Stay Comfortable
Travel clothing – Check out these great retailers for versatile outerwear, stylish scarves, and pain-free shoes to create a travel wardrobe worth envying.

Compression socks – Designed to help prevent blood clots during long flights, they can also provide comfort during air travel or outdoor activities like long walks or hikes.

Motion sickness wristbands – It’s an affliction experienced by millions of people. Wristbands can provide a drug-free alternative for motion sickness relief for various types of travel.

Noise-canceling headphones – Tune out wherever you are. Even on a noisy plane.

Neck pillows, sleep masks, and blankets – Overnight or international flights can be comfortable if you’re prepared. Pick an option that is easy to stow-and-go, like this highly-rated scarf-like neck pillow.

Stay Safe
Pickpocket–proof attire – There are many options out there, but these are stylish and functional. Great for crowded areas when you want to keep your wallet, phone, and keys safe.

Portable safe – Ideal for travel to places without an in-room safe.

RFID blocking wallets – Keep thieves from stealing your credit card information.

TSA-compliant locks – TSA screeners are issued codes and master keys for secured access to open the locks. Great to use when checking luggage.

Happy Shopping!