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Group Travel: it's not what it used to be

The subject of group travel typically elicits two reactions. Those who have done it usually say how much fun they had, while those who haven't may say, "It's not for us, we prefer to travel on our own!"

Group travel has changed substantially over the past few decades, and now has much more to offer— whatever your age, gender, budget, or activity level. In fact, the world of group travel has changed as much as travelers have, and now has something for practically everyone. Traveling with a group is a wonderful way to see the world—as long as you find the right trip and the right group.

Perhaps you have an idea of a destination or trip you want to do, but not know much beyond that. The idea of a winery tour in Northern Italy or a visit to our beautiful national parks sounds great, but what do you do once you're there? Now imagine finding that trip already planned for you; from the accommodations to the itinerary, from additional excursions to meals, and even to the various tour guides.

Booking a group tour means experienced travel professionals have already done all the work. They ensure your hotels are safe, comfortable, and well-located, and that you will visit during the best time of year and see all the important sights, often with exclusive access away from the crowds. Every detail is well thought out and carefully planned, leaving you time to relax and enjoy. Days and experiences flow together, with no concerns about logistics, timing, traffic or reservations. And if the unforeseen does happen—from illness to injury, transit strike, or unexpected weather, don't worry. Tour operators anticipate the unforeseen and their tour leaders are prepared for all of it.

Group travel is the perfect way to ensure a memorable experience from start to finish. Travelers see the best features of a destination—the well-known and the hidden gems only the locals know about. And with local guides expert in a given country, region or town, you received a personalized adventure from someone who knows and loves it best. You even have time for independent exploration and activities on-your-own, so every traveler gets the experience that is right for them.

Finding the right group is just as important as selecting the right trip—most travelers want to be with like-minded people who experience the world as they do. Do you prefer a small group or large, a cultural trip, a natural history trip, a food and wine trip, or something completely different? The good news is that there are group trips for all of this and many more. Whether your pace is active or more leisurely, land based or cruise, one week or three, all these options are available through group programs.

This is also an area where alumni association travel programs excel - providing the opportunity to travel with people who share both your passion for your school and exploring the world. Many travelers discover their alumni travel programs and then want to travel no other way. Good thing alumni travel programs have a diverse set of offerings.

Whatever your goals for travel, one trip or many—why not join a group? The tour operator does all the work, all you do is pack your bag and enjoy!