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Our Favorite Destinations

“Where to go next?” is a question every avid traveler asks. The world is a big place, and there are many options, depending on your time, budget and travel goals.

But if you’re curious which destinations are getting attention lately, or looking for some ideas to peak your interest, here are a few suggestions:

This is one of the top tourist destinations in South America—a beautiful country that hosts more than 30 national parks, numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and cities filled with both historical and modern architecture, tempting restaurants and diverse cultural offerings.

Buenos Aires (the capital city), Mendoza (known for its fine wineries), and Patagonia (its southernmost region of mountains and glaciers) are just a few of the diverse areas visitors can explore.

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Our neighbor to the north has much to see. From cosmopolitan cities, quaint frontier towns, and magnificent national parks, to remote arctic adventures in the frozen northern areas, Canada really does have something for everyone. Stroll through the charming west coast city of Victoria, with its famous Butchart Gardens; gaze in awe at the Rocky Mountains from a train car; get up close with polar bears in the rugged arctic town of Churchill; or cruise through the idyllic maritime regions of the eastern coast.

Whether you prefer to explore by train, boat, luxury bus coach, or something completely different, Canada has a tremendous variety of ways to see this incredible country.

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Colombia has worked hard to recreate its image. Cities like Bogota and Medellin have greatly improved safety measures in the last few years. Both national and local governments have made significant investments to make the country an attractive destination—and both infrastructure and tourism spending are helping to show off its remarkable historic sites, rich culture, friendly people, and of course, thriving coffee-growing plantations.

Walk through the historic walled city center of Cartagena, stay at a jungle lodge in the Amazon rainforest, or visit San Agustin—a well-preserved town with the remains of a forgotten civilization. This enchanting South American gem has so much to offer its visitors.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great nearby destination for travelers of all ages. With lush rainforests filled with remarkable flora and fauna (much of it found nowhere else in the world), this mountainous locale also features alluring beaches, delightful cities and towns, and a multitude of opportunities to enjoy adventures at every level of activity. Whether you want to zip-line through the rain forest, hike through the Andes or cruise along the coast to view wildlife and meet the indigenous people, Costa Rica's astonishing beauty and welcoming locals will make it a special adventure.

With the majestic natural beauty of the Andes mountains surrounded by rainforests, and cities filled with exceptional museums, beautiful churches, lively cafes and toe-tapping music, there is much to see and do—for both the culture and adventure-seeking traveler.

Cuba is the hot new destination and is a great new option for travelers.

While you must still follow the State Department rules for your trip, there are a variety of tour operators and cruise companies offering affordable (and legal) ways to visit this vibrant, friendly country.

However, Cuba is still facing tourism challenges, especially since their hotels and infrastructure have not yet caught up to demand. Hotel options are quite limited and may be difficult to acquire as tour operators have contracted much of the space. Escorted tours or a cruise may be your best option here.

Cuba’s biggest asset is its people—welcoming you into their boisterous and wonderful world with warm smiles, deliciously spicy food, and ever-present music. Go see this unique and amazing country before it changes.

Only a brief plane ride from the east coast, and a phenomenal stopover on the way to Europe, Iceland is a destination unlike any other.

The mostly barren, tundra landscape is spectacular to behold, with geysers, hot springs, and fjords scattered throughout the country.

Visitors can explore the charming city of Reykjavik, venture out to the remote regions to see the ruins of settlements dating back to the Middle Ages, or hike to watch the world’s oldest glacier erupt.

And with Iceland’s northern latitude and pristine night skies, it’s the perfect place to see the Northern Lights.

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