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Exercise Tips: stay fit while you're on-the-go

Staying in shape while away from home can be both easy and fun. Even if you're not a hardcore exercise enthusiast, there are a variety of options you can do while traveling to stay energized, feel refreshed, and keep the blood flowing.

• If you belong to a gym at home, ask them for a workout routine you can do while traveling. That way, you won’t lose ground with your daily routine, and it won’t be difficult to get back into your regular workouts after you return.

• Most hotels offer a gym or fitness room. Even if it’s small, it may provide a treadmill, an elliptical machine, and possibly a stationary bike, plus free weights and/or weight machines. Many also have yoga mats or workout bands that you can borrow to use in your room.

• Many properties can also provide routes for running or walking around the local area. Ask for a neighborhood map, or use GPS from your phone or device (and also ask for advice if there are any areas to avoid). It’s recommended to let the front desk know you are leaving and when you expect to be back—and remember to take the hotel phone number in case you need it.

• If you travel with a laptop or tablet, search online for free fitness videos (many can be found on YouTube or on websites like PopSugar Fitness), which can offer a variety of yoga, stretching, or cardio programs. Many routines can be done almost anywhere, from your hotel room, to ship cabins or even on a boat deck.

• Take advantage of your hotel’s swimming pool. Larger pools may offer lanes just for lap swimmers, or designated hours for serious swimming enthusiasts.

• And one of the easiest options—take a walk. There are guidebooks online that provide short, medium and long walks in all major cities. An app called GPSmycity will help you take short, medium or long walks in hundreds of cities worldwide, many themed or providing an in-depth exploration of a particular area of interest.