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Educational Travel: an exciting and fulfilling way to travel

The opportunity to travel is always a special experience—feeling the thrill of exploring a new city or country, meeting new people and learning new cultures, and simply seeing the world away from our own familiar hometown.

Sure, it can be hectic and sometimes challenging, but travel is always worth the effort.

But seeing a new place is not the real reward—experiencing it is.

To truly immerse oneself in a destination and discover its rich cultural history, traditions, people, and cuisine—this is where educational travel excels.

Because no matter how much we read guidebooks, surf the internet, or peruse photos to learn about a new travel destination, there is no substitute for having a local expert or guide at hand while you are there.

Knowledgeable local guides, experienced travel directors, and cultural insiders who know the geography, the history, the language, and the people can make a wonderful travel adventure even more unforgettable.

Stand by archeological ruins with experts in their field, and learn about the events and people that made history there—not just in general terms, but in detail.

Walk a colorful city with a local—someone who knows the side streets, corner shops, and lively markets, and what makes each so special.

And when possible, learn by doing. Prepare local dishes alongside a celebrated local chef, learn about regional crafts and traditions handed down from generation to generation, and create new memories of these traditions becoming your own.

Lecturers and subject-matter experts, many from America’s top universities, can help travelers understand both the history of a location and how it affects modern life.

Orbridge takes great pride in teaming up with our partner alumni associations to bring experts in their fields together with inquisitive travelers.

For more details on travel with educational content, visit or contact your alumni association travel office.