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Discover the Galapagos Islands: get up close and personal with nature

Are you seeking a unique travel adventure that's sure to exhilarate the soul? Like a remarkable journey with special access to unspoiled natural wonders, where you can walk among wildlife that has no fear of people. Where animals bask in the sun, raise their young, and live their lives—all within sight (and camera range) of human visitors.

Then look no further than the beautiful chain of the Galapagos Islands—first made famous by Charles Darwin, who used observations he made during his 1835 visit as the basis for his book, On the Origin of Species.

Located just 600 miles off the coast of Equador, the Galapagos Islands consist of 19 main islands, plus a multitude of smaller, rocky formations, which are home to an astonishing array of wildlife. From giant tortoises, land iguanas, fur seals, and sea lions, to Blue Footed Boobies, Sally Lightfoot crabs, 13 types of tanagers (including Darwin's finches), and more than 200 types of beetles (just to name a few). The islands are a living example of nature's bounty and diversity.

The Galapagos Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and include many species seen nowhere else in the world. A new marine sanctuary, which opened in early 2016, encompasses the waters surrounding the islands, providing protection for a multitude of aquatic species, including the largest biomass of sharks in the world.

Only a select number of ships and visitors are allowed access to the Galapagos each year, so those who visit have a truly unforgettable opportunity—a chance to observe and photograph the wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin, and legions of naturalists after him.

Orbridge visits the Galapagos Islands aboard an intimate, eco-friendly ship that holds just 40 guests. Expedition leaders and expert naturalists help guests immerse themselves in this extraordinary experience; exploring the islands and their history, observing the wildlife, and learning how this unique eco-system is being protected for future generations. Whether walking on the white sand beaches, kayaking through cove and inlets or swimming among the sea lions, this is the chance to come away with a greater understanding of our natural world, many new friends and some amazing photographs!

Note: For 2021, Orbridge now has two incredible Galapagos Itineraries: The Northern Islands and the Western Islands, both with unparalleled opportunities to explore this fascinating destination.
The Galapagos Islands—Northern Islands
The Galapagos Islands—Western Islands