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Cruise Like an Egyptian Aboard a Dahabiya

Egypt is an exceptionally rich and unique destination for exploring human history and culture, both past and present. 

Experience the magnificence of Egypt's unparalleled treasures with Orbridge to bring the country's resplendent past alive, and see temples thousands of years old that still have paint, tombs with walls that look recently carved, and mummies of pharaohs you've only studied in history books.

In addition to touring sites of the ancient world, we'll also spend time aboard an Egyptian sailing vessel known as a dahabiya. Journey the Nile River aboard a modernized version of this traditional craft that was once utilized by the wealthy for transport and leisure. It's the perfect way to see the river and today's life along it. Relax as tall reeds, palm trees, children playing and waving, livestock, and more come in and out of view. Like the Ancient Egyptians who revered birds, watch for pied kingfishers, hoopes, and purple herons too. 

Learn more about our two programs in Egypt and how a dahabiya Nile cruise offers an ideal blend of tradition, luxury, and comfort for capturing the full allure of this destination. 

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