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Bucket List Travel: where do you want to go?

Long before Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson starred in a movie about seeing the world before you die, would-be travelers had been creating lists of all the places they would like to see before they "kick the bucket."

Every list is personal, but for many, the classics always reside at the top: the capitals of Europe, an African safari, Machu Picchu, India, China, the list can go on from there. Some must-do travel wishes include specific experiences, like dining in a Tuscan winery, seeing the sunrise over the pyramids, or traversing the Panama Canal.

Whether the adventure is near or far, deciding where to go can be daunting, and the urge to put it off until "someday" can be tempting. But making a list is the first step in the adventure, so have some fun and let your imagination go!

Some questions to consider:

Where are your "must-see" places and why do you want to see them?
Many people learn about civilizations, places, and cultures from books, movies, and TV, but want to see and experience what they've learned for themselves. Some adults want to see the Grand Tetons because they grew up watching "Shane" on TV, and many former art history students have gone to Europe to see the facades and artwork of Paris and Rome that they learned about in class. Are there places you read about in a book or saw in a movie that interests you? Under the Tuscan Sun and The Da Vinci Code have certainly made Italy even more popular and Lord of the Rings has brought many visitors to New Zealand. Or perhaps it is more personal—you want to visit the land of your ancestors—to experience where your grandparents or others lived before they emigrated to the U.S.

Who do you want to travel with?
Spouses or significant others are obviously great companions, and many trips are one spouse's way of showing the other a place that is important to them. "Someday honey, I'll take you there" is a great way to see the world. Multi-generational travel is also popular—many parents and grandparents take their family along on trips to show them the world. Or perhaps it is solo travel—places you want to see by yourself—the joy of exploration at your own pace.

How do you want to travel (do you prefer to be on your own or with a group)?
Obviously group travel has many benefits, and many tour operators can also create family or group trips for special occasions. The good news is that there are as many ways to travel as there are destinations, it is just a matter of finding what is right for you.

When can you travel?
With hectic schedules, recent social events, and the logistics of travel, it can be easy to put off. But the world is changing fast, and places may not always be available to visit. Egypt is a bucket list destination that is now much more challenging to see. Turmoil of many kinds can cause travelers to veer away from a destination, often for good reasons. But on the other side of things, many new destinations are opening up for the first time—take Myanmar or Cuba. The opportunity to see these previously "forbidden" places can be attractive, and travelers often want to be the first—before the country changes and throngs of tourists arrive.

So ask yourself:
If asked to list five countries to visit (don't forget your own), where would you choose to go?
Once there, what are the five things you want to see first?
What five things would you want to do?
Who do you want to travel with?

It's fun to think about, isn't it? Imagine how much fun it will be to plan and actually go! To see some of the great places Orbridge travels, view our destinations list.