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10 Travel Apps to Try in 2018

Last year we wrote about some great travel apps for mobile devices that can help users plan and enjoy travel adventures.

Things move fast in the digital world, so here is a latest list of our favorites. Some are new, and some are updated and improved options that have been around for years.

Most are free and have versions for both Apple (iOS) and Android platforms.

It's still one of the best, and their services and offerings have expanded dramatically. Now they not only encourage reviews, but allow bookings for hotels, tourist sites and more. Understand that the very high and very low ratings should probably be ignored—we recommend reviewing the bulk of the ratings to see what most travelers say. Another plus—ratings may also contain tidbits for visiting certain sites—such as peak times to be avoided, what discounts are offered, or perhaps special features the general traveler may not be aware of.

Mobile Passport
If you don’t have Global Entry, this app—sponsored by the U.S. government—is a must for international travelers. Upload your personal and passport information ahead of time, then submit your details directly to customs and immigrations when returning to the U.S. from abroad, allowing you to bypass most of the long lines that occur at U.S. entry points.

Google Translate
Thanks to some serious refinement, this app has become a valuable tool for many travelers. It’s capable of translating 103 languages by input-typing and includes an option to download languages for offline use. The microphone and spoken option even allows two parties to converse as it translates both ways, allowing a viable conversation in any language.

This simple yet reliable and easy-to-navigate app can show you maps, hour-by hour forecasts, and long-term weather details. But as with any weather “forecast,” things can change, so the hour-by-hour feature is probably most helpful for planning outings.

For travelers who love to try local public transportation, this app is great for navigating the bus/train/subway options in large international cities. The app can help you find stations, pay fares, and show which option is best for getting to top attractions. It can also alert you to delays, closed stations, and it’s even connect to Uber.

This app provides details on your airplane and from where it originated—so you’ll know the exact arrival time of the equipment for your flight segment. It’s helpful if you’re making a connecting flight, meeting a fellow traveler or just wondering if your flight is will really be on time.

This newer app provides a way to locate the great places in a destination through its top 10 lists—featuring options for cheap eats, hot bars, and trendy coffee shops in cities all over the world.

Google Maps
Maps are helpful for more than just driving. This simple and proven app works for walking tours, running routes, and it can really help when you get lost… err “turned around” in a strange city.

Sit or Squat
New and improved. This app lists options for finding a nearby clean bathroom—trust us, it can be very handy when you need it.

NOTE: The above information is not intended to be a complete or definitive list of travel-related apps, nor an endorsement of one over others. This article is only intended to show some of our choices for apps that are available, and to encourage travelers to avail themselves of those that can help make travel easier and even more fun.