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Awesome Animal Viewing: destinations with fascinating wildlife

What better way to experience the astonishing diversity of wildlife that shares our planet than to travel and observe them in their natural environment?

One of the best ways to do this is with an escorted tour—the perfect combination of an unforgettable itinerary to a unique destination, with friendly, knowledgeable experts who help you locate and learn about the local wildlife.

Everyone has favorite animals—some are birders who delight in seeing colorful new species, keeping lists of what they have seen, and finding where (and when) to go for the best viewing.

Others enjoy locating exotic or elusive species that are hard to find, with habitats in remote and challenging locations.

And everyone wants the perfect photographs to take home. Whatever is on your “wildlife bucket list,” there is probably a great escorted tour to help you experience, and photograph, them.

Here are a few wildlife-focused travel programs offered by Orbridge:

Antarctica – from dozens of seabirds, seals, whales, and other marine life, and of course—penguins, Antarctica may be a frozen landscape, but it is home to a plethora of species found nowhere else in the world. Come to the southernmost point on our planet, and cruise, kayak and walk among them—to marvel at both the breathtaking polar beauty and the native species that thrive in this arctic world.

Galapagos – Even if you have not read Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, you probably remember learning about his theory of evolution and how animals adapt to their environments. Many of the species he studied—blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants, Galapagos Tortoises, penguins, iguanas, and many more—all live on and around the Galapagos Islands, without fear of humans. It’s one of the richest ecosystems in the world, with flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world, and should be at the top of anyone’s travel list.

Africa – A safari is the ultimate wildlife experience. To see the "Big Five"—elephants, lions, cape buffalo, leopards, and rhinoceros—is a top prize for many travelers. Add in giraffes, zebras, warthogs, exotic birds, and a huge list of other animals, and you have a life-altering, and jaw-dropping, experience. Visit Africa to learn about the animals, their habitats, and the forces of nature, and humans, that threaten them all.

Alaska – A small ship cruise to Alaska provides the perfect way to see the native species that call our 49th state home. From crabs, seals, and whales, to bears, elk, and our American bald eagle, there is so much to see. A summertime cruise aboard a small ship is the best way to spot these amazing animals, and with expert naturalists to show you the way, you’ll bring home wonderful memories—and fantastic photographs to look back at often.

Canada – A trip to our snowy neighbor to the north offers the opportunity for viewing polar bears, beluga whales, and a diverse variety of birds, mammals, and marine life. The weather may be chilly, but the welcome is warm and the friendly, local guides love to help visitors see and experience all the area has to offer.

America (the lower 48) – from wolves in Yellowstone National Park to bears, birds and more, America’s national parks are the protected home to a multitude of native animals, both well known and endangered. Come see black bears, white-tailed deer, black-footed ferret, or even the American pika, plus dozens more too numerous to name.

Whatever animals you hope to discover in person, Orbridge has probably created a program to discover them. View our travel programs here, pick an animal, and give us a call.