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60 seconds with Lisa: The Wolves of Yellowstone

Orbridge travel programs are carefully developed and executed by our skilled and passionate team who visits the locations and properties, and experiences each aspect of the programs. Their detailed reports offer valuable observations and highlights that may be useful for prospective travelers. The following is a 60-second interview we'd like to share.

What was your initial impression when arriving in Wyoming?
Jackson Hole is remarkably beautiful and simply stunning. I truly felt like I was in a different part of the world and was in utter awe. Such a quaint and unique town in a valley surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, impressive museums, decorations, restaurants, shops and lodging. It really is someplace spectacular that one should experience in their lifetime.

What was your favorite highlight of the program?
There was a wide array of highlights in this program, but one stood out monumentally for me. This was the trip to Lamar Valley to view the wolves in their natural habitat. I watched as a helicopter hovered over a pack and a man jumped out to radio collar a wolf. The pack dispersed and the helicopter left. Then in the glistening snow and silence of the valley came the howls of the wolves to reconvene. I witnessed packs of 15 and 8, and I saw 2 wolves taunting a bison.

Another major highlight of this program that I could not pass up was the sleigh ride through the Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole. Clydesdale horses pulled our sleigh of 18 people through a valley with hundreds of elk sparring and lying in the snow. So serene and peaceful. What a sight and adventure!

What do you think travelers will like the most?
The hikes through the canyons in the snow—viewing the abundance of wildlife in their magnificent habitat—from mountain goats, bighorn sheep, artic fox, eagles, trumpeter swans, bison, moose, elk, and of course, the wolves. Taking the rides in the snow coaches out to the Lamar Valley and learning about the history of the park and the reintroduction of the Wolves to Yellowstone.

What local person made the biggest impact on you?
Our guide from Safari Yellowstone. He was extremely knowledgeable in regards to the history of the park and the reintroduction of wolves to the park… the geology and the multitude of wildlife. He was attentive, patient, extremely intelligent, enthusiastic, caring, funny and all-around awesome. What a way to tour the park!

What surprised you the most about this program?
How much wildlife there actually is in the dead of winter. It’s the most magical place I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

Why should travelers get excited about this destination?
There are no words to describe this wonderful winter wonderland. It is above and beyond anything I have ever witnessed. The experience is a once-in-a lifetime event. From the vastness of wilderness and geology to the richness of wildlife, I highly recommend this trip to all of my family, friends and colleagues.