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60 Seconds with Megan: Southwest National Parks

Orbridge travel programs are carefully developed and executed by our skilled and passionate team who visits the locations and properties, and experiences each aspect of the programs. Their detailed reports offer valuable observations and highlights that may be useful for prospective travelers. The following is a 60-second interview we'd like to share.

What was your initial impression upon arriving in the Southwest?
Our first day heading out across the Mojave, en route to Zion National Park, I was struck by how out-of-this-world the landscape was. Its uniqueness, and its dramatic beauty, was like nowhere else I had ever seen.

What was your favorite highlight of the program?
The educational opportunities—learning about and experiencing the intense geological processes that carved the landscape—how humans, plants and animals live in such extreme conditions and the cultures that have developed over tens of thousands of years of human habitation.

What do you think travelers will like the most?
Every day, and I mean EVERY day, we experienced something so awe-inspiring and yet so different than what we had seen the day before.

What local person made the biggest impact on you?
The Navajo storyteller. The snapshot we were privy to of past and present Navajo life added something tangible to my understanding of the different cultural perspectives alive within my own country.

What surprised you the most about this program?
The astounding beauty. No pictures could ever do the American Southwest justice.

Why should travelers get excited about this destination?
It is a special part of our world, a special and important part of American history, and a place that inspires the mind, the senses and the soul.