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60 seconds with Fatima: National Parks & Lodges of the Old West

Orbridge travel programs are carefully developed and executed by our skilled and passionate team who visits the locations and properties, and experiences each aspect of the programs. Their detailed reports offer valuable observations and highlights that may be useful for prospective travelers. The following is a 60-second interview we'd like to share.

What was your initial impression when arriving in Rapid City, SD?
Rapid City is a charming western town, and I found the downtown area fun and interesting to walk around in with a variety of shops. A free summer night concert and fair were taking place in the main square and my daughter and I grabbed dinner at one of the many restaurants with seating on the square so that we could listen in while dining. We also found our way to a handmade ice cream shop… yum

What was your favorite highlight of the program?
I was awed by the magnitude of the Crazy Horse Memorial and enjoyed my time at Old Faithful and the architecture of the Inn. My daughter enjoyed the Mammoth archeological site and seeing all of the bison in first Custer State Park and then Yellowstone National Park.

What do you think travelers will like the most?
The national parks are such valuable treasures and offer so much beauty and wonder. Often times we were the first group to arrive to a stop and were able to see the sights for a time on our own before other groups arrived.

What local person made the biggest impact on you?
Chief David Bald Eagle of the Lakota Sioux spoke to us during our visit to Tatanka. He was a war veteran—having served during WWII as a paratrooper—an avid racecar driver, bareback bull rider, and later, a stunt man/rider in Hollywood films, a semi-pro baseball player, rodeo performer and a Lakota dance champion. He did so much during his life and throughout, he enjoyed teaching others about Native American life.

What surprised you the most about this program?
The dedication of those who help continue the work on the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Why should travelers get excited about this destination?
It offers so much in the way of history, beauty and wildlife—the sights are spectacular in a very meaningful way.