60 seconds with Camille: The Galapagos Islands

Orbridge travel programs are carefully developed and executed by our skilled and passionate team who visits the locations and properties, and experiences each aspect of the programs. Their detailed reports offer valuable observations and highlights that may be useful for prospective travelers. The following is a 60-second interview we'd like to share.

What was your initial impression when arriving in The Galapagos Islands?
I could immediately tell how vibrant the wildlife was, and that made me really excited for the rest of the trip. The first animals we saw were the Galapagos giant tortoises. They are so ancient and rare, and we saw so many of them! I felt very lucky to be near them. We learned a lot about them from our guides as well. 

What was your favorite highlight of the program?
My favorite part was the shark feeding frenzies that took place at night. The lights from the ship attracted flying fish nearby and many large Galapagos sharks would come to feed on them. We would go out on the deck and shine flashlights into the water to see the huge sharks gliding past and watch them hunt the fish. It was incredible. Nature in action! 

What do you think travelers will like the most?
The animals. I think the amount and the variety of wildlife you will see in the Galapagos is incomparable. Some of the species aren’t found anywhere else in the world, so it’s truly a rare and special opportunity if you love wildlife. We saw sea lions and their pups, three different kinds of boobies as well as other rare birds like the Galapagos hawk, plus sea turtles, stingrays, marine iguanas, the list goes on… the animals were unforgettable.

What local person made the biggest impact on you?
Our naturalists were truly impressive—their wealth of knowledge about the islands, the area’s history, and the wildlife was remarkable. They have such passion for what they do and for the islands, and it rubs off on you. I felt like I didn’t just visit the islands, I gained a real understanding of them. The naturalists are also wonderful photographers!

What surprised you the most about this program?
I was surprised by our guide's knowledge about astronomy—an added bonus. He pointed out many constellations for us at night while we relaxed on the deck of the ship, which was amazing because we could see so many stars there! I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed the Quito day tour. I felt like we really got to experience the local culture. It’s a beautiful and historic city.

Why should travelers get excited about this destination?
It is a singular experience. The Galapagos Islands are unlike any other place in the world. They have such an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty that is unique only to them. No one could be disappointed by traveling there, especially with our guides and the crew of the Isabela II, who enriched the experience that much more for us.