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The Galapagos Islands

What Guests Are Saying...

“Our guide in Quito was the perfect. She was so thorough in her explanations and took us to so many interesting places. She made the Quito visit exceptional.

I had never been on a cruise before and did not know what to expect. Everything was so well orchestrated, and I am very impressed with everything.

Our naturalists/guides were all great. They were all filled with so much information, and had answers to all of our questions. Each made sure we were well taken care of. Thank you all.

I especially appreciated the guides' knowledge and willingness to impart. Having a graduate degree in geology, I feel the info in that area was accurate and well tuned to needs of novices. And they were always available.

This program was amazing. Everything was so well managed. A guide was always there to get us from place to place and tend to all our needs. I felt so 'taken care of'. The guides were great, the staff was great, the food was great and the programs were great. This was an experience not to be forgotten.”
–James & Lynn M., Clarkesville, GA
“This trip was a learning experience more than a vacation... I loved the trips to the markets to get a flavor of the lives of the actual people who live in the cities. Highlights were swimming with a sea lion on the Galapagos; Machu Picchu and the Andes mountains.. simply breathtaking!”
–Greg K., Hillsborough, NJ
“I can't say enough great things about this trip! I expected things to go smoothly but I was blown away by how every detail was so carefully thought out. I will treasure the memories forever and I've already recommended Orbridge to four friends planning to travel to Galapagos in 2020.

The program was extremely well-run from beginning to end. Clearly a professional team that puts the enjoyment and experience of the guests above everything else.

The three naturalists on board Isabela II went above and beyond, acting as guides, coaches, friends, and protectors throughout the voyage.”
–Laura C., Huntington Beach, CA
“Absolutely fabulous trip! I've wanted to go for 45 years and finally did it! I was extremely pleased with Orbridge and am actually looking into more trips with Orbridge. Highlights include the variety of tours offered. The quality of accommodations, travel arrangements, and guides were exceptional!”
–Anne G., Columbia, MO
“Orbridge did a wonderful job with this! The Isabela II was the perfect size and we had the perfect amount of people on the trip. It is a beautiful yacht and I loved the complimentary coffee and treats throughout the day. The crew were amazing, and made the experience even better. Snorkeling was my favorite activity and I loved seeing all the birds on Española Island.”
–Sandy X., Madison, WI
“We have traveled with Orbridge on other trips. We have enjoyed each one. The staff and planning are excellent. This was an excellent program. We will recommend it to our friends. This was a "bucket list" trip. It met all of our expectations.”
–Valerie & George W., Cypress, TX
“The Galapagos Islands and Isabela II were exceptional. Snorkeling was excellent. Food was excellent. Staff were all very pleasant. Machu Picchu was impressive and our guide made it very educational.”
–Rod J. & Connie P., Madison, WI
“We are not experienced with group tour or cruise events and this experience was a fantastic introduction. From beginning to end it was professionally run with very competent and knowledgable individuals.

Favorite highlights include the Quito city tour, the amazing variety of hikes and boat rides to view the incredible wildlife and birds of the Galapagos. The snorkeling opportunities were fantastic, especially snorkeling from the pangas.

We can't think of one thing that we would have changed—it was all good.”
–Mary Ellen H., Portland, OR
“This was a fabulous trip. A true once in a lifetime experience. It could not have been better in any respect.”
–Robert & Anne H., Indianapolis, IN
“This was a bucket list trip for me and a dream come true. I was impressed with this program from start to finish and the efficiency and professionalism exhibited by all the support staff from guides to ship crew to porters to bus drivers to hotel staff. The highlights, besides the natural wonders of the Galapagos and the architectural masterpiece of Machu Picchu and surrounding Cloud Forest, were without a doubt the first rate guides leading both of these programs. They were knowledgeable, professional, inspiring and clearly proud of their countries and cultures. They truly made this trip the success it was.”
–Beth S., Bowling Green, KY
“I was impressed with the program and how it was executed. Everyone was “on board” in experience and involvement for the passengers and their needs. I felt the crew and the staff cared about the passengers and their experiences. I didn’t expect the quality of service and was very pleased.

The highlights were the panga excursions around the lava rocks, snorkeling and hiking to the nesting areas of the albatross, red-footed and blue-footed boobies. The blowhole hike and the walk among the seals was so exciting.

I thank everyone involved and hope to travel to this destination again.”
–Therese C., Rose Hill, KS
“Seeing an iconic UNESCO World Heritage site like nowhere else in the world. The animals were so accessible because they are so well protected. Having guides that answered every question given them. WOW! Being on board a small vessel and getting to know so many wonderful people, travelers and crew and guides alike. Feels like family now.”
–Jerry C., Matthews, NC
“The trip was definitely the best I have ever been on. It was fabulous. That is the word we decided on as a group. I didn't even mind getting up early because I knew the day would be packed with amazing things. It was a good combination of fun and educational experiences. The guides were so accommodating. They went above and beyond.”
–Kathi T., Norwood, MA
“The naturalists onboard the Isabela II were excellent. We were so impressed with the range of qualities that the naturalists possessed. They were always so enthusiastic!

Orbridge was attentive to every detail of this tour and so my overall impression was excellent! Best trip I've ever been on.”
–Julie L., Sachse, TX