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The Wolves of Yellowstone

What Guests Are Saying...

“Amazed at how beautifully timed everything was and the logistics of set-up for daily lunches and activities.

Excellent road trips for everything we did. It was amazing to hear the details of the wildlife in the deep snow with very few people there. We felt safe the entire time. The Museum of the Rockies was a huge surprise and a fantastic ending to the trip.

Our expedition leader was wonderful and knew a lot about the wolf project. He was very attentive to the travelers and made sure everyone got what they needed.

Fantastic trip. Everyone had an great impression of Orbridge and the detail and logistics involved in pulling off a trip like this.”
–Cary A., Nashville, TN
“These sights are what they are... outstanding. Not sure how they could be anything but EXCELLENT!

Our guide had lots of knowledge to draw from... and did so with his presentation and answers to our questions. His sense of humor and clarity of explanations were excellent.”
–Jack S., Burlington, NC
“The presenter at the Museum was flat out outstanding. Very knowledgeable with a real gift of delivery as well as a little humor.”
–Jimmy M., Yoakum, TX
“We rate this trip as one of the top two we have taken in a guided tour situation. Our guide was excellent. The educational content was made very meaningful as it was delivered along the way as we were experiencing the landscape and geological features. Every guide was personable and full of information. Fountains of knowledge, concern for the wildlife and direct experience in the field with them, patience, manners. The fact that one of them was a career park ranger really added to his value as the tour leader.

Each venue had its charm and added to the trip. The Museum of the Rockies tour with the dynamic curator was the "icing on the cake" and made us want to return there to see more. That whole evening experience and the drive to Bozeman truly capped the trip for us.

We have already recommended your company to many friends, and this trip specifically. We will travel with you all again!”
–Ann & Charles S., Winter Park, FL
“We were well pepared with your gear suggestions and your "expedition library." The Orbridge guide and Yellowstone guides were excellent: well-prepared, knowledgeable and fun! They were connected enough to stop and explain so much of the flora, fauna and history of the area. Best of all, they enabled us to find and hear wolves!

The trip exceeded my expectations. When in Yellowstone, I knew that I was a guest of the natural world and felt privileged to be so. Seeing the alpha female of the pack raise her head, howl to the Junction Butte pack and receive a reply was a moment that I'll never forget. I shall treasure that tiny glimpse into the intelligence and social awareness of the Gray Wolf.

Between Yellowstone and Mammoth Springs was a beautiful trek. Traveling from inside the caldera to Mammoth Springs allowed stunning landscapes, such as the Yellowstone Grand Canyon. The Museum of the Rockies was on my bucket list.”
–Sybil R., Sea Island, GA
“Our guide was great. The Museum of the Rockies was very good and the talk by the curator was excellent.”
–Juliana G., Douglaston, NY
“Our guide was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. You could tell that he had a sincere interest in what the group was experiencing.”
–Amy & Ken M., David, IL
“The local guides were just outstanding. They are so knowledgeable and did everything possible to make our wildlife viewing as complete and satisfying as possible. Can't say enough about them and our Expedition Leader.”
–Martha B., Middleton, WI
“We had high expectations for this trip and Orbridge certainly provided an itinerary and accommodations that were outstanding.”
–Bill & Carla M., Alto, MI
“This was most likely one of my all time favorite trips! (We have traveled to 32 nations and 6 continents.)”
–Marian & Charlie D., Hendersonville, NC