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The Wolves & Wildlife of Yellowstone

What Guests Are Saying...

“I've never had a more comfortable, fun and carefree travel experience. Everything I could have possibly wanted was provided, usually before I even thought of it! The amount of information provided was also phenomenal. I can't praise the guides enough.

This is a well thought out itinerary and everything was masterfully coordinated. It was a wondrous and awe-inspiring experience.”
–Denise H., Sagamore Hills, OH
“We really didn't know what to expect, being our first time to this part of the country, but this program, this experience, was an unforgettable life memory.

Our guide's demeanor, knowledge and wonderful sense of humor made this trip a great experience.”
–Dan & Pat O., Pine Plains, NY
“The guides were the best—very knowledgeable, pleasant and hard-working. They made the trip special.”
–Don & Carol M., Newberg, OR
“All of our guides were wonderful. Very knowledgeable and great story-tellers. If we had been on our own, we never would have seen the wolves nor many of the other wildlife. It was the experience of the guides that gave us this wonderful experience.”
–Janice W., Zelienople, PA
“This trip was very lovely. It was nice to explore all of the open plains and see the beauty of winter, which I am not used to. Getting to know everyone so well and making these connections, which I didn't expect but was a wonderful surprise.

Excellent planning and accommodations as well as knowledgeable, approachable guides were always kept things fun!”
–Elizabeth B., Palo Alto, CA
“The program fulfilled all of my expectations. The flow of the program was smooth and well planned. Great continuity and teamwork.

Our guides' level of knowledge was deep and wide; additionally they were accommodating, professional and friendly.

Observing the scenic views and wildlife were the highlights. Additionally, the knowledge gained from the guides was illuminating.”
–Ed K., Suffolk, VA
“This experience was above and beyond anything I expected. I loved seeing all the animals, landscape and how our guides gave amazing lectures. They were extremely knowledgeable and very personable.”
–Judith W., Austin, TX
“Great learning experience—excellent leaders, beautiful scenery—a totally unique experience for a southerner. We could have never done this on our own. Fantastic logistics and coordination.”
–Eugene & Linda L., Austin, TX
“This program was perfect for us—great guides and good fellow travelers. Every day was a new treat. We saw everything we hoped for plus more, and learned so much!

We have traveled with Orbridge before and hope to again—you are really so good!”
–Jan T., Castle Valley, UT
“I always wanted to spend time in Yellowstone in winter—this was an excellent first experience. To anyone desiring to see wildlife and the geology of Yellowstone with experience guides, this program met all needs.”
–Angelina W., Yorktown, VA
“Orbridge adventures are always exceptional. We would repeat this trip—we didn't want to go home! Excellent planning and execution.”
–Lucy C., Grand Prairie, TX