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Flavors of Chianti

What Guests Are Saying...

The property was beautiful, the region was beautiful, our guide was over the top in helping us with every need. The breakfasts, dinner, and wine were great, the weather was great, and our companions became fast friends.

The program was absolutely fabulous, and everything ran quite smoothly in my opinion. I would return there in a heartbeat, and I would enthusiastically recommend the property to anyone that would like to visit. My wife and I loved it!

–Michael S., Ashland, OH

We loved participating in the preparation and touring the the locations. We felt invested in our meals.

The highlight of the trip was the people, the scenery, the wine, the food and a beautiful location to wake up to each day. We felt a part of Toscana.

–Lucy & Jim C., Grand Prairie, TX

Working with Orbridge was easy, seamless, and pleasant.

The staff was completely professional while still being warm and welcoming. The accommodations were excellent. From the moment we arrived until we departed we felt so well-cared for and comfortable.

Staying at the property and taking day trips to the nearby (and not so nearby cities) was a good way to travel. Unpack once!! Both hotels were 5-star luxury and very nice to return to at the end of a long day of sightseeing. The cooking classes and wine tastings really lived up to what I imagined they would be. Both of our guides were so good at leading tours. They were able to assess what interested us most as a group and to tailor their commentary accordingly. Great program overall.

–Melissa & Timothy S., Thousand Oaks, CA

Absolutely stunning! The staff was amazing! Everything was perfect. Great pace with a few times where activities were optional to allow for rest, relaxation or shopping. Our guide definitely made the trip. The lodging was just magical with amazing staff, food & everything.

–Abby S., Moseley, VA

Very friendly and courteous staff. They were always eager to meet our needs.

I thoroughly enjoyed both of the cooking classes. Everyone got to participate as much as they wanted. The menus were not that difficult to prepare and made very tasty meals.

I enjoy the Flavors of ... style - small group, stay in one very nice location with day trips for sightseeing, cooking classes and wine tastings. The location in Tuscany was lovely and our tour guide was wonderful.

–Dianna & Charles G., Fredericksburg, TX

This program exceeded our expectations. The lodging was exceptional. The service was superb. The meals were of high quality.

The chef was inventive and the food was well prepared. The service staff was excellent. We enjoyed them and the meals.

Each of the excursions was well planned and the tours were of excellent content. The local guide was delightful and did a great job of giving us interesting bits of information in each location.

We LOVED our Travel Director. Everything about her was just what one would desire in a tour leader in Italy. She truly knows the land, the history, and the people. Her many years of living in the area make her a true gem.

–Daniel & Trudie O., Fort Worth, TX