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Destination: Canada by the VIA Rail Train

Vancouver to Toronto by RailGuest Feedback

What Guests Are Saying...

This was a dream trip, one of a kind, we had hoped to find. We were not at all disappointed! It was luxurious, nostalgic, and totally enjoyable. Service was great and as a person with disabilities, I appreciate the personal services I received. Our Travel Director made the trip truly great. She had a wonderful personality and went out of her way to make everyone feel special.

–Kenton L., Lenoir, NC

The service staff on the train was excellent! The food was great and provided lots of choices. The Park Car was THE BEST! In the dome, socializing, snacking, and chatting with the view were fantastic! Our Travel Director did a great job sharing information and answering questions about our journey! 

–Ken W., Perryville, MO

I've traveled quite a bit, but this was one of my favorite trips EVER... our Travel Director set the tone for a fabulous experience. The on-train staff was exceptional in every way. Nothing but love for every single aspect of this trip. 

–Courtney C., Dallas, TX  

The best trip ever. Our Travel Director was very effective—she did a wondrous job of acquainting herself with all of the people in our group and found ways to show each of us things along the way in which we might have a particular interest. 

–Kurt V., Glenview, IL

Well planned; excellent attention to detail; eager and enthusiastic service staff. Unbelievable sights. Great food.

–Diane C., Wilmette, IL

Very well organized and relieved us of the normal stress involved with travel; so we were relaxed the entire time.

–Chris & Doreen S., Highland Lakes, NJ

It was great. Right speed—each day was a new ecosystem. Really liked the staff, and our travel director was terrific.

–Sam & Kathy L., Littleriver, CA

Excellent in every regard. Highlights were the food, service, and company.

–George & Susan H., Sanibel, FL

This program is an experience not to be missed. Both Orbridge and our alumni personnel can expertly plan and execute travel adventures that make you want to return!

–Doug C., Baltimore, MD

Very well organized and run. There was a very good mix of activities and free time. Our travel director did an extraordinary job of entertaining us (both in groups and one-on-one) with his humor and knowledge. There was wonderful camaraderie among the traveling group.

–Mike & Susan D., Swampscott, MA

I felt pampered on the entire journey. It was just what my soul needed. Our travel director was extremely knowledgable in a vast range of subjects. The program was well run. All details were taken care of.

–Christine W., Fort Worth, TX

Our travel director was an excellent guide. His lectures were very informative and he is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the area. He went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care of and comfortable.

–Patricia Q., Houston, TX

Just an outstanding experience—from Orbridge communications to the VIA Rail staff, to our travel director. He was personable, professional, and well-informed.

–Tom C., Brookfield, WI

I highly recommend this train experience. It was an excellent exposure to the Canadian provinces.

–Joe M., Burr Ridge, IL