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Destination: Polar Bears of Churchill
Polar Bears of Churchill

Polar Bears of ChurchillGuest Feedback

What Guests Are Saying...

Everything we visited was well worth the trip. I learned a TREMENDOUS amount, not just about polar bears but about the Arctic and Churchill as well.

Our Expedition Leader was wonderful! He's truly passionate about wildlife and is a font of knowledge.

The staff at Lazy Bear Lodge was terrific. Everyone went above and beyond to make our trip exceptional!

–Deb M., Bainbridge Island, WA

Good value based upon the high cost to travel to this remote place. I thoroughly enjoyed every place we went, and was impressed with the food at Lazy Bear. Lazy Bear Lodge was delightful! A wonderful surprise.

–Michelle M., Carlisle, MA

Excellent and educational. We would never have done this on our own.

We were so impressed with the food!

We've all seen dog sled pictures. Going on a dog sled and being around the dogs is a whole different experience.

Our guide made the trip! He was knowledgeable, fun and kind to all. He knew the "lay of the land"—so helpful when you get to a remote destination.

–Linda & Tom N., Spokane, WA

Third trip with Orbridge—all three widely different (Tanzania, Northern Italy, Polar Bears). All three were thought out, planned and executed extremely well. Looking forward to my next trip with Orbridge, wherever that might be!

–Dave & Pam P., Nashville, TN

The books we received pre-departure are wonderful. Now that we've been there, I'm going to read them again. The dog sledding was beyond excellent. The Lazy Bear is beyond expectations. For me, it is the gold standard in accommodations. Our Expedition Leader was a delightful person with great experience.

–Ellen H., Morgantown, WV

The pre-departure experience was great, especially the time and patience Orbridge Guest Services afforded me as I tried to ascertain what photography gear I could/should bring.

I think the program is excellent, particularly in how it accommodates the wide range of mobility and levels of interest in the group.

The hotel was excellent. The restaurant was surprisingly good, and the staff was great at all junctures.

Our local guide was a rockstar—there's really no substitute for the breadth and depth of field experience he has on the taiga/tundra and in Churchill among both the full-time and seasonal residents, staff, scientists/naturalists and visitors.

Our Expedition Leader was everything you could hope for in a group leader: well-informed about the topic at hand, well-informed about many other things including other trips/expeditions, positive, patient, frank but diplomatic, and most of all, seemed genuinely passionate and excited about the bears and their natural (and sometimes unnatural) environment(s).

–Allan H., Dallas, TX

I concluded it was well worth every penny. I would encourage anyone to experience this beautiful and interesting part of our world.

–Diane B., Destin, FL