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Destination: Southeast Alaska

Discover Southeast Alaska (Sitka to Juneau)Guest Feedback

What Guests Are Saying...

I absolutely loved this trip. The sights and sounds were incredible. We had a great group of people on the trip and a lot goes to the staff because they set the tone. I ultimately went on this trip because I got to spend time with my parents and that will be a lifelong memory. My dad has wanted to visit Alaska since he was nine years old and to be able to give him that opportunity is one of the best things in my life. Hands down my favorite vacation. 

–Ryan R., Indianapolis, IN

This was an outstanding experience. The scenery and the wildlife were awesome. Getting up close to the glaciers was terrific. The information passed on by the Orbridge Expedition Leaders and the onboard naturalists was phenomenal. I would highly recommend this trip and Orbridge to other travelers. 

–Larry T., Indian Land, SC

The reality of our trip far exceeded my expectations. The company was fabulous, the weather was awesome, the coordinators of the trip were great, the naturalists were fabulous, the staff was awesome, and I could go on and on. Couldn't have picked a better trip with a greater group of people. A definite DO on your list!

–Greg T., San Antonio, TX  

The overwhelming highlights were the beauty and majesty of Alaska. I loved the small size of the group, as well as the ship’s access to the glaciers. It was a trip I had wanted to make for several years and it more than met my expectations.

–Martha T., Nashville, TN

The ship was the perfect size for a very personalized trip. Every meal was delicious and gorgeous, they totally treated us! The crew was incredible and a wonderful group of people. Everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly. It was a great balance of education, adventure and socializing.

–Eilidh S., Lakewood, CO

The itinerary was excellent and well-paced, and the pre-tour was a great way to get a big picture view of Alaska before we got on the boat.

I did the small plane trip to Denali—landing on the glacier. We had clear sunny weather when we landed so it felt spiritual as well as beautiful. Well worth the extra cost.

My fellow travelers were curious and engaging and we had fun conversations and adventures along the way. One major surprise was the quality of the food on the boat. Every meal was excellent! The quality, variety and creativity made dining everyday a delight. I really valued the lectures and expertise of our guides.

–Roberta L., Raleigh, NC

Fantastic ship and the crew was wonderful. Food was amazing—four star!! Lots of opportunities to see different things and make individual choices. Highlights were wildlife sightings, bears, humpbacks, orcas, otters, seals and sea lions and on and on. Wonderful trip—everything we hoped for.

–Ron & Terry D., Florissant, MO

All the guides were excellent. Very professional and very committed to showing us the natural world that we encountered, from lichen to glaciers, from frogs to bears.

Best ship food I've had—and that includes a Trans-Atlantic cruise.

The experiences were all beyond our expectations!

–Carol H., Granbury, TX

The naturalists were amazing. They added a lot to the trip and were wonderful folks. It was an amazing trip! Thank you!

–Fred H. & Gail S., Wilmington, DE

Can you tell that we enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of this trip? I would go again tomorrow if I could. A beautiful state, wonderful arrangements, accommodations, food, tours—a real joy for our 50th anniversary.

–David & Karen R., Athens, GA

The trip was excellent in every respect. Our Orbridge guest services representative was helpful and responsive during pre-trip arrangements. Having binoculars, rain gear and boots available onboard was an extremely nice touch and much appreciated.

Itinerary and sites visited were uniformly interesting, beautiful and alive with arresting mammal sightings.

Our guides were exceptional—knowledgeable, personable and communicated with commitment and passion for the outdoors.

–Don F., Cambridge, MA

A dream cruise. Everything we could have expected and more. Our Expedition Leader was always available, always pleasant, always knowledgeable. Great, great crew. Excellent accommodations.

–Robert & Alice P., Manchester Center, VT

Superior naturalists—so much wonderful education and attention!

Truly an exceptional trip. We enjoyed every aspect of our travels, and had a wonderful group of fellow travelers to accompany us. We loved it!

–Dave & Joan K., Vancouver, WA

Your guest services representative did a great job of keeping us informed about what was happening ahead of time. He was always happy to answer questions. I appreciated how seamlessly everything worked.

The Captain and his crew did an amazing job of getting us up close and personal with the glaciers... we had front row seats! The crew members were always so positive... this made the experience even better.

Our Expedition Leader did an amazing job! She went out of her way to find wildlife for us to view and was such a great source of information. Her enthusiasm for everything she saw made the trip even more enjoyable.

–Mike and Karen S., Puyallup, WA

Overall the educational content was outstanding; speaker/guides were informative, approachable, and interesting; baggage handling was extraordinary. This entire experience far exceeded our expectations.

–Jill N., Troy, NY

The staff was very available for questions, kind and knowledgeable. The trip just flowed. We had an exceptionally wonderful group of folks from several colleges who all appreciated each other and bonded through the week. We were very touched with the quality of the wonderful relationships with the exceptional staff and leaders.

The small DIB trips were wonderful—close up to the rocks and waterfalls, moving around the icebergs. We learned so much and especially appreciate the experience of meeting and learning from our Glacier Bay National Park cultural interpreters.

We were blown away with the quality and creative food choices at each and every meal. Delicious early wake-up goodies and afternoon cookies, availability of tea, hot chocolate and apple cider were welcomed for those who stayed on the decks early morning through late night.

This was a lifetime dream trip. The opportunity to be with other college alums was very timely, as we were seriously planning an Alaska trip with a competitor of Orbridge. It seems the one we did was much more extensive and inclusive of culturally significant opportunities. We commend you for this.

–Lynn M., Oakland, CA

This trip is a remarkable once in a lifetime experience. All three of the expedition staff were remarkable. The entire experience far exceeded my expectations.

–Mark M., Sherman, TX

I really enjoyed all parts of the trip. It was well paced with lots of options. I liked the activities we chose in the park including the park dog presentation and a ranger walk. We saw a lot of wildlife on the bus portion.

Glacier Bay may have been my favorite due to the amount of wildlife we saw and the glacier calving.

Our expedition leaders were excellent. Very informative and interesting, organized good communicators, worked to make the trip a success for everybody.

–Thekla M., Evanston, IL

Orbridge provided excellent attention to details for this program.

Our expedition leaders were outstanding—excellent with everyone and showed an excellent level of concern and care. They made us feel as if we were the most important person. Great job by the team.

–Nancy C., New Braunfels, TX

Absolutely incredible... All members of our family—all 6 of us—felt the tour exceeded our expectations by far. We will never forget the calving of the glaciers and the turtling of the icebergs. And the whales! I would highly recommend this trip through Orbridge to others.

–Joseph N., West Hampton, NY