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Destination: Southeast Alaska

Discover Southeast Alaska (Juneau to Sitka)Guest Feedback

What Guests Are Saying...

I absolutely loved this trip. The sights and sounds were incredible. We had a great group of people on the trip and a lot goes to the staff because they set the tone. I ultimately went on this trip because I got to spend time with my parents and that will be a lifelong memory. My dad has wanted to visit Alaska since he was nine years old and to be able to give him that opportunity is one of the best things in my life. Hands down my favorite vacation. 

–Ryan R., Indianapolis, IN

This was an outstanding experience. The scenery and the wildlife were awesome. Getting up close to the glaciers was terrific. The information passed on by the Orbridge Expedition Leaders and the onboard naturalists was phenomenal. I would highly recommend this trip and Orbridge to other travelers. 

–Larry T., Indian Land, SC

The reality of our trip far exceeded my expectations. The company was fabulous, the weather was awesome, the coordinators of the trip were great, the naturalists were fabulous, the staff was awesome, and I could go on and on. Couldn't have picked a better trip with a greater group of people. A definite DO on your list!

–Greg T., San Antonio, TX  

The overwhelming highlights were the beauty and majesty of Alaska. I loved the small size of the group, as well as the ship’s access to the glaciers. It was a trip I had wanted to make for several years and it more than met my expectations.

–Martha T., Nashville, TN

The ship was the perfect size for a very personalized trip. Every meal was delicious and gorgeous, they totally treated us! The crew was incredible and a wonderful group of people. Everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly. It was a great balance of education, adventure and socializing.

–Eilidh S., Lakewood, CO

The itinerary was excellent and well-paced, and the pre-tour was a great way to get a big picture view of Alaska before we got on the boat.

I did the small plane trip to Denali—landing on the glacier. We had clear sunny weather when we landed so it felt spiritual as well as beautiful. Well worth the extra cost.

My fellow travelers were curious and engaging and we had fun conversations and adventures along the way. One major surprise was the quality of the food on the boat. Every meal was excellent! The quality, variety and creativity made dining everyday a delight. I really valued the lectures and expertise of our guides.

–Roberta L., Raleigh, NC

Fantastic ship and the crew was wonderful. Food was amazing—four star!! Lots of opportunities to see different things and make individual choices. Highlights were wildlife sightings, bears, humpbacks, orcas, otters, seals and sea lions and on and on. Wonderful trip—everything we hoped for.

–Ron & Terry D., Florissant, MO