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Destination: Southeast Alaska
Discover Southeast Alaska (Sitka to Juneau)

Discover Southeast Alaska (Sitka to Juneau)Accommodations

Chichagof Dream

Accommodating 76 guests, the 207-foot Chichagof Dream was designed to go where large ships cannot—navigating guests to the best views possible of the surrounding nature-filled landscape. Experience Alaska up close as you watch for wildlife from skiffs or kayaks and learn about the indigenous peoples of the region. On board the ship are your knowledgeable crew, Orbridge Expedition Leader, and expert naturalists who share their hospitality, uncanny knack for spotting wildlife, and fascinating secrets behind the bountiful beauty that surrounds you.

The ship's well-appointed, intimate, and unassuming style allows travelers to experience the true heart and soul of Alaska. The Chichagof Dream features expansive viewing areas on the bow and aft outdoor promenade decks, a hull design optimized for supreme comfort in Alaskan waters, and forward-facing windows in the spacious lounge that extend from the deck to the ceiling, offering panoramic views off the bow.

Enjoy a relaxed cruising speed ideal for viewing the endless surrounding fjords, glaciers, and wildlife. The ship offers complimentary expedition gear while touring, including rain jackets, rain pants, and boots. Plus, each stateroom is outfitted with binoculars. Nothing will be missed as you leisurely traverse the channels, bays, and islands of Southeast Alaska.

After each exciting day of exploration, enjoy delectable hors d’oeuvres and convivial conversation in the lounge before delighting in a dining experience where talented onboard chefs create mouthwatering masterpieces using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

During free time, take advantage of the open wheelhouse policy. Visit the captain and officers on the bridge, view the charted course, hear ship-to-ship communications, and listen to stories from experienced Alaskan mariners.

Or perhaps experience the ship's Himalayan salt cave, theorized by some to provide holistic properties via halotherapy. From the Greek “halos,” which means “salt"—this spa treatment uses dry aerosol micro-particles of salt or minerals inside of an arid space to simulate the microclimate of salt mines. 

Note: Bed size preferences are requested when passengers complete the guest information form. If no specific requests are made, double occupancy cabins will be configured with two twin beds. This applies to AAA and Deluxe categories. 

Chichagof Dream Ship Deckplan and Diagram

Chichagof Dream Exterior
Chichagof Dream Stateroom Category A
Chichagof Dream Stateroom Category AA
Chichagof Dream Stateroom Category AAA
Chichagof Dream Stateroom Category Deluxe Suite Queen Bed
Chichagof Dream Stateroom Category Deluxe Suite
Chichagof Dream Interior Dining Room
Chichagof Dream Himalayan Salt Room
(Accommodations subject to change.)