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Flavors of Northern Italy

What Guests Are Saying...

“I loved how this trip gave you a more personal view of Italy through conversations with local, family run food vendors. I've studied abroad in Italy and have been on vacation with family, but this was a unique experience. I loved our guide and the off-the-beaten path tour. She took us to meet artists and recommended great food. I felt like I had a friend showing me around. I'd recommend her to friends.”
–Jacqueline B., Hillsborough, CA
“We enjoyed the small group experience, which allowed us to get to know the others.

The restaurant at the property was excellent. Amazing variety of foods prepared for our group over the course of the week--never knew what to expect but were never disappointed.

And we very much enjoyed our travel director's insights and sense of humor, and her patience.”
–Sam F., Shepherdstown, WV
“The variety and content of each excursion was excellent and made the trip so enjoyable. Our guide was absolutely excellent—extremely knowledgeable, timely, friendly, easy to relate to and made the sites/experiences so real and understandable. For me, she made the trip perfect.”
–Sharon E., Middleton, WI
“The tortellini were like my grandmother used to make, and my aunt continues to make. The wrapping reminded me of Saturdays at my grandparents' home where we made them for Sunday after church.”
–Bruce W., Iowa City, IA
“This was a wonderful itinerary and great trip. Our guide was knowledgeable and well-informed about the history and culture of each place making each destination even more interesting. We loved going to each of the small towns, meeting families who were involved in producing wine, food, balsamic vinegar or olive oil, and best of all, being invited to share lunch or dinner with them. We’ll always have great memories of Flavors of Northern Italy.”
–Ellen & Paul K., Coral Gables, FL
“Selva Capuzza is immaculate and beautiful. Perfect setting from which to connect with the customs, food, wine, agriculture, people and culture of Northern Italy. Simply marvelous.”
–Jill & Frank C., Marlton, NJ